What Does it Mean to Trust the Universe?

Casey Connelly
3 min readSep 18, 2018

Humans think too much. And ironically, the notion to trust the universe is an oxymoron created only by those who think too much, but want to think less.

Sometimes there seems to be no explanation for the horrible things that happen in this world, yet as humans, we like explanations. That is why to trust the universe is one of the greatest scapegoats ever developed by mankind.

I am not saying that there is no benefit or validity to the concept of going with the flow, quite the contrary.

For starters, thinking and worrying about the troubles of the world does no good. Stopping these thoughts from causing you physical and mental harm is the first step in any meditation practice. And with mediation practice comes enlightenment, otherwise known as acceptance of the duality (the balance of good and bad) that exists in reality.

Secondly, we are in constant battle in our minds. Did I make the right choice, why did this happen to me, what do I do now? As conscious beings, we are cursed with questions and the ability to feel the sting of unfulfillment and regret. We are the only creatures who have a bucket list and a perceived agenda in life.

What if I told you that it doesn’t matter what your plans are and if you complete them before you die. The plans you perceive, your goals in life, will always be fulfilled. It might not be in this lifetime or the next thousand lifetimes, but eventually your desires will be granted.

Understand that your desires did not pop out of thin air, they are dreams passed from one karma-induced life to the next. Each life may only serve one of these desires, and they happen only at the right time.

What does this have to do with giving your trust to the universe? To trust the universe means to accept that time is irrelevant, circumstances are learning experiences, and life is infinite. These ideas embody the never-ending, flowing dance that we all have chosen to undergo.

Life is an obvious choice; we can choose to live or not. So is the path we follow in life; however, as physical forms, it is difficult for us to see it.

I often cringe at some of the things I read that are written by westerners like myself. For example, articles that complain of first world problems of having a sucky job while there are children dying in Yemen and Syria, but these are our experiences none the less. And while the suffrage of children is much worse than a long commute, we are all suffering on some level.

The levels of suffering are the most difficult worldly aspects to understand as they seem to be unavoidable. But, to trust the universe means that a girl murdered in Syria just might come back in the next life as a human rights activist or an eagle flying free in the sky.

We must accept that there is a reason for suffering, no matter how horrific. We have to accept that the universe wants us to experience something because it is part of the path toward our completeness.

Casey Connelly

I love questioning the world we live in through experience. Nothing exists unless you have experienced it. My writing is personal and filled with discovery.