The protesters, The poets, The politicians All Lie

Casey Connelly
1 min readMay 15, 2020

Society plagued in forgetful memory

Casting a net of obscurity

Hoping for change in a circular simulation

Minds bouncing in a box of retrograde illusion

What hope can be found in merger words

Ideas floating, waiting, taking endless turns

Universally, the minds do not exist

Yet not one individual can take rest

The protesters, the poets, the politicians all lie

Projecting prosperity, peace, and promise all in one sigh

An end is never near only a whisper that’s shouted

So everyone can hear a secret that’s been scouted

The right, the wrong; the rejected, and accepted

Made into a film with enemies and heroes projected

A screen flickers brightly, navigating our reality

Driving the suffering, we can’t see the causality

What’s left is mindfulness, massage, and makeovers

Conducting a circus of feel-good do-overs

A solution is as fake as the world itself

As I sit here and take part in it myself

Casey Connelly

I love questioning the world we live in through experience. Nothing exists unless you have experienced it. My writing is personal and filled with discovery.