The Freedom of Being

Casey Connelly
3 min readMar 4, 2022

My mind falls behind the words I try to convene. Being or doing are two different things. One effortless , the other full of effort. Which one is preferable? Which one to strive for? God needs no effort and I am god. Therefore trying seems like a failure even if you succeed. For at what cost do you strive to be doing something.? A reward is selfish, human, mundane, and even worthless when this is all you hope for.

To flow with words is to flow with life. To have no expectations. No ambition other than to be as god is: still, content, un-moveable with no effort. There is no push or shove. No motivational speech rendering god to be god. It just is and always will be. So, is that of a spiritually-ripe human. We just are.

So, writing these words with no intention. No headline hoping that someone will read it. No keywords and click bait title. That is true freedom. That is true being. That is truth at its highest level.

Writers block comes when effort overrides the will to be free. To strive for perfection leaves a writer blank.

They say a writer writes. This couldn’t be more simplistic. Just as a human being just is. Just like living is easiest for the tinniest of creatures. No effort is needed. No worry of premature death beholds them. No worry of accomplishments ties them to a life full of suffering. For suffering is desire and desire comes from dissatisfaction from a soul lost in a humanized form.

Transform yourself into god and you will have no desire, no suffering, no effort in life. You will be free for once.

This analogy of a writer is best used for it is the creation of words that makes us human, makes us able to comprehend the trouble with being godlike while worshipping god outside ourself.

To obtain this level of consciousness is a gift yet we make it a curse. We plague ourselves with questions that we only have the answers to. Inside lies dormant the soul birthed from a source that has the answers, yet we refuse to look inside, open the box, see once and for all the divinity within us.

We are afraid that the answer will not come by cracking open something unknown. Mystery is for the courageous, for it takes courage to want the suffering to end. If it ends then how do we know that we are alive? Is…



Casey Connelly

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