The Death of My Fear of Death

Casey Connelly
4 min readAug 19, 2021

You are on top of the Empire State Building, 1,250 feet stand between you and the ground. Most people’s first thought is something along the lines of “I wouldn’t survive this fall.”

This mindset to fear death in almost every situation has been programmed in us since the dawn of creation. And for good reason. It is how a species survives danger at every turn. But, what if I told you that the fear of death no longer serves this purpose. In fact, it is the exact thing blocking the evolution of humankind.

How so? Let me explain how the death of my fear of death elevated my experience of life.

To Fear or Not to Fear

Let’s start at the beginning.

I was always told as a child not to be scared. That fear is the only thing holding me back from experiencing life, like the thrill of a roller coaster I didn’t want to ride. Even as an adult, it seems that to conquer my fear of something is an achievement well-rewarded with merit and psychological gain.

However, for every idea there is an opposing idea. For the notion of death, there is a line drawn in the spectrum of fear to whom most will not cross. If you had no fear then you could get injured. Your instinct keeps you at bay, creating a boundary to show your brain when to overcome and when to step away.

This is the dilemma of a fight or flight mind and it is what has kept the world running for billions of years. But, there is a catch. The mind can be tricked very easily when placed in fight or flight mode due to the introduction of fear. Outside forces control your decisions when your only alternate option is death or potential death. Your spectrum of fear also changes, meaning you can become fearful of new things that once seemed “safe.”

Therefore, as an evolved conscious species, we face another problem other than the possibility of death — we face manipulation.

Fear as a Mechanism for Control

As I witnessed how myself and those around me bowed down to fear I began to wonder if death was the real threat. The limitations bestowed on my life felt like a larger threat than the actual end of my life.



Casey Connelly

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