If Ignorance is Bliss…What Happens When We Lose it?

Casey Connelly
3 min readOct 6, 2023

If ignorance is bliss then why do we mock it? It’s as if we regret our own knowledge and yet seek more in hopes of finding happiness. When in fact, we were born with this innate bliss already intact.

So then, why on earth do we honor the gathering of information if it only makes us jaded, depressed, and overall unhappy?

The answer lies in the process of gaining so much knowledge that we finally realize that our collection could never be complete.

Let see how this may play out…

A Drunken Stupor

It wasn’t always alcohol that put me into a drunken stupor, it was the countless and endless possibilities of life.

I’ve always been an adventurer, moving from one place to another without holding attachments to people or places. Yes, I held the nostalgia in my heart and my memories served as treasures, forever feeding my constant state of bliss.

However, the more I explored, the more desire I had for more. More experiences and more information had me racking up ideologies, philosophies, and spiritualities. Guzzling down bliss in the form of ignorance blockers.

When the Party Gets Ugly

Frolicking around eventually will have you tripping on your own two feet. And when you fall you hit reality real hard.

One day you find that the information you have been gathering leads to a not so bright place. It is filled with corruption, lies, and darkness. These revelations reveal a complete fabricated version of the reality you once knew, trusted, and sought bliss in.

What now? You can’t return to bliss because knowledge only goes one way. You can’t unknown something.

Ignorance Envy

Once critical of ignorance, I now envied those who have not met the darkness. They did not go down the rabbit hole seeking knowledge; they chose a different path and right now it seemed more desirable.

Yet, I could not return. I didn’t know how to go back. To reenter the matrix with a smile on my face seemed impossible.

This brought about anger because I wanted everyone to feel what I felt. It was the only way, I thought, that…



Casey Connelly

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