Being Woke Doesn’t Mean You’re Awake

Casey Connelly
4 min readOct 4, 2023

Although both terms sound and mean almost the same thing, the truth is that being woke isn’t like being awakened at all.

The only similarity between the two is that you “wake up” as the terms imply. But getting woke is like waking up in a dream. You think you are in control. You think you are aware of reality, but yet you are still in the dream simulation.

Wokeness is still part of the illusion. But it is this illusion that can catapult you into awakening. For just like waking up in a dream, you eventually realize that you are still dreaming yet you have become lucid, free.

This is the path that I followed years ago…

Like most liberals, I was extremely empathetic. I wanted to change the world’s circumstances, using outside “causes” to fix the many problems that I witnessed. I believed controlling the forces outside myself was the answer to the pain I felt inside. But you can’t change a computer program by banging on the screen. You have to change the code and the only way to do that is to change yourself.

This realization began the process of going from woke to awake and here is where I found the key differences between the two.

What it means to be woke

I always felt “woke.” Like I was plopped onto this earth like an alien, experiencing life on this planet for the first time. This lifelong mentality is the ignition for a woke mind. Many souls who feel lost end up having major curiosity. They try to grasp their reality through education and by searching.

For me, I studied history and got a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts, hoping that reading, analyzing, and applying the lessons of the past would contribute to a brighter future.

Instead, I went down many rabbit holes, revealing the atrocities of this world.

This path leads many toward a woke mind in hopes of relieving the suffering they see. Unfortunately, the combination of despair and hopefulness mixed with too much indoctrinated education leads to the following woke characteristics.

  • You think it is your responsibility to change the world.
  • You try to change the system from within the system.



Casey Connelly

I love questioning the world we live in through experience. Nothing exists unless you have experienced it. My writing is personal and filled with discovery.