You are on top of the Empire State Building, 1,250 feet stand between you and the ground. Most people’s first thought is something along the lines of “I wouldn’t survive this fall.”

This mindset to fear death in almost every situation has been programmed in us since the dawn of creation. And for good reason. It is how a species survives danger at every turn. But, what if I told you that the fear of death no longer serves this purpose. In fact, it is the exact thing blocking the evolution of humankind.

How so? Let me explain how the…

Do you remember in the first Matrix movie when Neo plugged himself back into the dream world after being red-pilled and woken up? It was kinda like that when I returned to the U.S. after being in India for several months.

Like Neo, I came back to a familiar world with fresh eyes, eyes that have experienced another reality. It was almost like I could view the matrix — all the 0’s and 1’s creating the existence that I grew up in.

This may sound like an exaggeration because many people travel to other countries and return to their homes…

It was the first day at my new job, and I couldn’t wait to start cleaning toilets.

My over-zealous duty represented the modern illusion that many loyal, good-intentioned, and yet naive employees believe: working for a reputable company means more than the job itself. So, I was like all the others when I told myself, “People will respect me for where I work not what I do. Plus, I have to start at the bottom to make it to the top. Right?”

I fell right into this trap as a teenager when I enrolled in the Walt Disney World College…

All it takes is knowledge, willingness, and practice to awaken your kundalini. So, why doesn’t everyone do it?

The best answer is that this powerful energy only activates at the right time within a soul’s journey. Therefore, the knowledge and willingness to start the practice of kundalini awakening will never manifest until the person is ready.

Once you are ready, you will know because it literally won’t be difficult — it will feel like you are on your true path.

Read on to discover the process of how kundalini awakening works in three stages.

Stage 1: The Study of Kundalini

The first of the kundalini awakening…

Society plagued in forgetful memory

Casting a net of obscurity

Hoping for change in a circular simulation

Minds bouncing in a box of retrograde illusion

What hope can be found in merger words

Ideas floating, waiting, taking endless turns

Universally, the minds do not exist

Yet not one individual can take rest

The protesters, the poets, the politicians all lie

Projecting prosperity, peace, and promise all in one sigh

An end is never near only a whisper that’s shouted

So everyone can hear a secret that’s been scouted

The right, the wrong; the rejected, and accepted

Made into a film…

The golden age of cannabis is upon us. Not only is cannabis becoming legal across the United States, it is also prospering as cannabis industry jobs skyrocket.

Right now there are over 211,000 jobs across sectors ranging from cultivating plants to writing about cannabis.

But, it takes more than a passion for ganja to land a position.

Read on to find out how to get your foot in the door to take advantage of this flourishing time in the cannabis business.

Do Your Research

Before looking for entry-level jobs in cannabis you should be aware of the laws and regulations surrounding it.


When you watch a wave crashing onto the shores of a beach do you separate the wave from the ocean just because it is performing a separate action? The wave is part of the ocean acting as an individual. Though it is moving while the depths of the sea lie still, the wave is still connected to the vast harmony of the water.

Where should this connection end? A wave is also part of the thing we call a beach. A beach is also part of the thing we call a shore. The shore is part of the thing we…

Are the days gone when writing was a form of creative expression and not just a mess of simplistic phrases wrapped in keywords?

I’m afraid they may have, as I have fallen victim to the times myself.

Where Did My Poetry Lead Me?

I used to love writing poetry. It was my way of thinking creatively and without restraint.

But, it was even during the days of my creative writing class that I already noticed the control lurking toward my writing.

Teachers condemned me for my unusual form, confusing wording, and unwillingness to follow the normal patterns of prose.

Was this supposed to make me feel…

Almost 80 million Americans take some form of a psychiatric drug to treat an emotional disorder.

And with 8 out of 10 people using drugs long-term, this phenomenon should not be considered a solution rather a serious problem.

Using drugs to balance, alter, and fix the natural chemicals that produce emotional responses in our brain can have a catastrophic effect on our survival skills.

Let’s take a look at why we need to face our emotional imbalances in order to evolve and tackle life’s struggles.

Emotions Give Us Drive

The chemical that rewards us with pleasure, dopamine, is one of the primary motivations for…

Our bodies contain flows of energy that when misaligned and blocked can lead to serious mental and physical illness while halting our spiritual growth. These channels filter through the hubs of our major organs and body parts called chakras. We can use these chakras to heal ourselves by meditation using prana (the life force of breath) and asanas (yoga poses that realign energy flow). Mixing pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga postures (asanas) using a Kundalini Yoga set can activate your chakras and lead to a Kundalini Awakening.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

You may have heard of the term Kundalini rising; this is the purpose…

Casey Connelly

I love questioning the world we live in through experience. Nothing exists unless you have experienced it. My writing is personal and filled with discovery.

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